Welcome yarn lovers!

You are now able to order some of our yarns on-line through this website. We have many other yarns that will be coming soon. Please contact us if you are interested in a yarn you don’t see here yet

Black Pearl Yarn just went live!

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Note: If you received a discount code in our store, enter it during checkout and it will be applied to your purchase.

Sedona Knit Wits

Sedona Knit Wits is a full-service yarn shop nestled in the red rocks of Sedona, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We love knitting and crochet, and love helping customers find just the right project and yarn for themselves.

Besides a large selection of cottons, wools, silks, linens and other beautiful commercial yarns, we specialize in yarns dyed right here in Sedona’s back yard. Our locally-dyed yarns–in merino wool, rayon, cotton and bamboo–are delightful to work with, and are practical and beautiful souvenirs of Sedona.

Knitting Group

One of our Knitting Klatches


We also carry knitting needles and crochet hooks, yarn bowls, yarn susans, knitting bags, shawl pins, buttons, and other accessories.

We offer classes and weekly knitting and crochet open sessions. Whether you live nearby or are visiting, come sit with us or take a class.  We look forward to seeing you!

Sedona Knit Wits is conveniently located in the Safeway Shopping Center on Hwy. 89A in west Sedona, Arizona, near McDonalds, between Café José and Class Acts Salon.

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  1. I really enjoyed my visit last month. Your new shop is
    really wonderful and so helpful,can’t wait to visit again, when I am in Sedona.

  2. Loved your shop when visiting my time share in Sedona. Please add me to your email list so I can plan a class around our next visit.

  3. visited your new store this week and purchased Mary Gavan canyon yarn & a few other beautiful yarns. Love your selection of yarns & will stop in again on our next trip from Ohio to Sedona

  4. Plan to visit Sedona soon. Your store looks & sounds
    intrigueing (check my spelling) DO YOU KNOW A LADY,
    MARTHA ROSS that knits? She was a good customer of
    Whispering Cedars Yarn Shoppe in Pilot Mountain, NC
    Martha moved back to Sedona a few years ago. I was an
    employee of W/C and a friend. When she left P/M, I told
    her I will come to see you. My husband & I travel out
    West. Only place we like to return to. Thanks Sheryl Shore

    • So glad you like sedona! I don’t know any Marthas who regularly come here, but I might not know her by name. Will see you when you return here…

  5. Hi Karen

    Finally the pictures are on our site! I hope you enjoy them and we’d be happy to join us.

    Tom & Becky Helgesen

  6. I would like a discount card how do I go about it, I live in Casa Grande Az, may I use if I get up there this summer or can I only use it on line when I order yarn.

    • Hi Jo

      All we need is your address to send it to you. You could email or call us with it. You can get a discount of 10% if you come into the store in person. However, we can’t give a break on sales tax in the store. We have to collect it for all in-state sales. If you are out-of-state, there is no sales tax to pay. In Sedona, Arizona it is 9.35%. Together with the 10% off gives approximately 20%.

      Thanks for you question

      Tom Helgesen
      Sedona Knit Wits

  7. So excited to find your site. I will be in soon. Looking forward to crocheting again. It’s been about 25 years since my last project. So glad you offer classes. 🙂

    • Hi Cheri

      We just updated our class schedule today. We’re very enthused about the selections. They should be fun. Our crochet classes are on hold during the summer due to vacations and what not. We will resume them in the fall. ‘Hope to see you in soon.

      Tom Helgesen

    • We carry Ancient Arts woof and meow yarn but are out of malamute. We won’t put another order in until probably August or September and then it takes up to 6 weeks to get it. We would be happy to add malamute if you’d like but it’s so far out it’s probably not practical. If you want to pursue it, email us back or better yet, give us a call. Thanks Dee.

      Tom Helgesen
      Sedona Knit Wits

  8. I will be visiting Sedona for the first time next week and I look forward to visiting your shop as well! I will be in the market for some locally dyed sock yarn. Will I be in luck?

    • Amber

      You’re in luck! I just got in some of our locally-dyed watermelon sock yarn! The package contains two small balls of yarn that knit up into two socks that look like watermelon. This one sells quickly, so I’ll put aside one package just in case. We also have lots more sock and other yarns.

      See you then!

      Becky Helgesen
      Sedona Knit Wits

        • Man, what a drag. With all our activities, I wasn’t able to make it to the shop and we are headed home early Monday morning. 😞 I was looking forward to checking it out, but you will be closed tomorrow. Until next time, I guess.

          • We’re sorry you couldn’t make it this time. We hope you try again when you return. Thanks Amber.

            Tom Helgesen
            Sedona Knit WIts

            PS Would you like us to make this available to you online? Or call us.

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